Money Making!

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Money Making!

Post  Owner Poor on Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:11 am


Ok, The Best Possible Way To Earn Money Is Killing The Bosses..
King Black Dragon, Tkotz-Jad, The Ice Queen, Dad, San Tajolan, Avaist The Magician, And So On.

But.. At First Sight When Someone Says "Kill Bosses"
You Just Can't..
Because Someone Beats You To It.
So, Range Is The Best Form Of Killing Bosses, I Reccomend Training This.

When You Finally Get To Kill It, You May Get Something, You May Get Nothing..
But They All Drop Something Worth Over 100M! When You Get a Good Drop - It Feels Great! DONT SPEND IT ALL AT ONCE!

The Other Option Is To Skill..
I Find This Very Slow, personally But.. If you prefer this, go for it!

Thanks For Reading, And Good Luck!

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