Crafting Guide!

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Crafting Guide!

Post  Owner Poor on Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:09 am


TASK 1 = killing chickens for NOTED leather, or NOTED cowhides.
each time you get a noted cowhide or Leather drop, It will contain 100.
you will need around 1400-1500.

You Will Need To Spin Some Flax, From The Flax Fields, South Of Seers Village Bank. THEN You Need To Walk To This Building And Use The Spinning Wheel To Spin The Flax. [DO THIS UNTIL LEVEL 14 CRAFTING]
You will need to go to seers and talk to the tanner to tan your cowhides.
Buy a needle and thread from the tanner and use the needle on the leather.
It doesnt matter which leather item you make, they are all the same exp.
Do this until level 57 crafting.
Ok, now your level 57 crafting its time for green dragonhide items.
Level 57-60 Make Vamps.
60-63 Make Chaps.
Ok, Now your level 63 crafting.. you will be making alot of green dragonhide bodys.

Level 63 to 71 - Green Dragonhide Bodys
from level 63 to 71, you will be able to make blue vamps and chaps. but DONT! making green dragonhide bodys is better exp!

Ok, Level 71 Crafting..
You Can Make Blue Dhide Bodys!

Level 71-77.
The Same Again Like From 63-71. You Can Make Red Vamps And Chaps But DONT! bodys are better exp!

Level 77..
You Can Make Red Dragonhide Bodys!

Make These Until You Can finally make BLACK dragonhide BODYS

Make These until Level 99!

Good Luck!

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