Fishing Guide!

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Fishing Guide!

Post  Owner Poor on Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:08 am


Step 1 - Go To Yanille Shops
Step 2 - Buy a Net, Lobster Cage And Harpoon
Step 3- Teleport To Catherby.
Step 4 - Walk West Until You See a Fishing Spot
Step 5 - Click "Net Fishing Spot"
Step 6 - Repeat Until Level 40 Fishing.

Step 7 - Get Your Lobster Cage From The Bank
Step 8 - Go To The Area Shown On The Frist Picture [Shown Below].
Step 9 - Use Your Cage On The Spot, Keep Repeating.
Step 10 - Do This Until Level 60 Fishing.

Step 11 - Get Your Harpoon From The Bank
Step 12 - Go To The Area Shown On The Second Picture [Shown Below]
Step 13 - Use Your Harpoon On The Spot, Keep Repeating.
Step 14 - Do This Until Level 99 Fishing.

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