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Moparscape Server Status Page

Post  Dahlia on Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:59 pm

PoorScape - 24/7 Semi-Dedicated

Don't use the IP above, use the IP and port below.
Server IP -
Server Port - 43594

Click below to check out the forums. Be sure to join and be active!

Staff List

Owner Poor
Fr33 P10x

Ill Ko You

I Drop Phats

Server Details

24/7 Stable Semi-Dedicated Server. Includes most of the 'Silabsoft' items, as well as new NPCs from Runescape update 471. You need to download the server client to be able to see the items and npcs, but I'll get into that later. The server has a few mini-games, including Dark Bow mini-game, Torso Mini-game, Barrows Mini-game, and a new one is soon to be added which will have more items implemented. Skillcape emotes are also added, some don't work and one or two are bugged at the moment.

The server currently has about 25-30 people on at most if not all times during the weekends.. 15-25 during the week.

Levels are pretty easy to get, but it gets harder as you get higher.. And it's not easy to get 99 in much, except for skiller skills.

We are currently not looking for staff members.. So please don't ask, first offense is a verbal waning, second is a mute, third is a ban, and if you decide to come back, fourth is an IP ban.

We hope you enjoy our server, we have a good amount of players and a good staff group. We do parties and have events every few days and their always fun! Be sure to join and go onto the forums and be active!

Client Download

Please click below to download the client.


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