All Commands.

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All Commands.

Post  Alec on Sun Jan 20, 2008 11:34 pm

These Are the Commands To You Guys.

Player Commands

outrock - disabled not finished command
button - teh button hax!!! does obviosuly nothing.
female - makes u a girl yay?
male - makes u a boy
fix - fixes some global objects
ballin - ballinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
max - show max hit
pking - join pking match (disabled)
debug - debug mode shows alot of info to you.
redesign - open char screen
char - open char screen
equipment - shows my equipment in chat
zzz - sleeping letters ZZZ
bank - open bank (i think disabled)
pass - password on homepage to change
empty - delete all my items.
help - says what to do on server
players - shows all players online
mod -yelll to all mods so they hear yah.

Player Moderator Commands

modhelp - tells you all mod commands I THINK
kick - kick a player
xteletome - teleports a player to u (use playername)
xteleto - teleports me to a player (use playername)
random - playername does a random for a player (used if they autoing to fux em up)
clientdrop - kicks a player
clientdr0p - kicks a player
tban - tempban (USE pid from ::players like 0,1,2,3,4,30,99)
pban - permban (USE pid)
mute - mute player never added it but its 50% added. (adds mutes to list) does really mute while player is online.
ipban - ipban (USE pid)
banname - ban use players name
unban - unbans player never added so disabled
unmute - same as above disabled
tempban - old command use tban
banuser - old command use pban
tele - teleport to x,y (added by me)
pnpc - make me into a npc morphing
update - update timer use numbers shuts down server
kickall - kicks all players

Admin Commands

pickup - spawn items? (added by me)
setnpc -used to set a npc number later used by another command called addnpc
tryemotes - show emotes
addnpc - spawns a npc on top of you (this doesn't work for dumping it should)
odump - dumps all the new gathered objects to objects.cfg in config folder
oadd - turns on dump mode to add all new objects to objects.cfg used before odump command
smsg - reset all npcs (kills all npcs) used when npcs were lured too far away
head - change my head
switch - change from anicants to regular magic
stillgfx - spawn graphic on top of u using numbers
animation - make you do animation like dance by number.
pets - gives you pet menu
bomb - boooooooooooom everyone takes damage
hit - use player name it makes em get caught in a whirlpool (stuck lol)
goobject - make global object on top of you
goup - go up a ladder ( but just goes up in map)
godown - goes down a ladder (just goes down in map too)
skullz - gives you a skull (testing command i guess)
duel - opens duel screen (testing command)
xteletome - a admin command to teleport a player to me ( 2 same commands 1 for admin/mod)
xteleto - another duplicate command just for admins
emote - do emote use numbers
make - make a object on on X,Y,ID you pick
remove - remove a object on X,Y,ID you pick
wolf - make you a wolf npc
test - testing some kind of animation
test1 - make you some unkown npc 2589??
unpc - turn of player npc
map - map on screen of boat trip (test command)
map2 - map on screen of boat trip2 (test command)
sythe- little buttons on screen (test command)
blackhole - a black hole (test command)
mbox - mbox on screen (test command)
view1 - dig screen (test command)
snow - make it snow
nosnow- make it not snow
mypos - tells you information you need to know for a few of the commands
bank - bank command that works for admins

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Re: All Commands.

Post  Thedup on Sun Jan 27, 2008 6:01 am

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